Ali Abou-Hassan

Sorbonne University – PHENIX lab – UMR CNRS 8234 – Paris, France


Ali Abou-Hassan is an Associate Professor at Sorbonne University, Paris, France. His multidisciplinary research ranges from setting up new synthesis and self-assembly strategies combining his knowledge in microfluidics, colloidal chemistry, nanoparticle synthesis (magnetic and plasmonic ones) and out of equilibrium phenomena for the elaboration of multi-scale multifunctional materials ranging from nanomaterials to microcapsules with applications in nanomedicine and biomedical fields. Fascinated by out of equilibrium phenomena in nature and chemistry he also studies the nucleation and growth of materials in a biomimetic approach assisted by microfluidics and auto-organization of oscillating inorganic chemical reactions such as BZ. Since several years A.A-H oriented his research to the biomedical field with an interest to nanomaterial bio-modifications in cells using material science approaches. In 2018, he was granted an ANR JCJC project which aims to elaborate multifunctional theranostic nanoassemblies using high throughput microfluidics, to study their biotransformation and cellular re-engineering in microfluidic biomimetic conditions as well in cellular spheroids with the hope to produce “safe by re-design” bio-stamped nanohybrids for nanomedecine & personnalized nanomedecine. The application of artificial intelligence in nanomaterials design and synthesis as well in the prediction of their fate in cells is his new interests.

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