Ali Abou-Hassan

Sorbonne University – PHENIX lab – UMR CNRS 8234 – Paris, France

Research Topics

A) Synthesis of multi-scale and multifunctionnal nanomaterials combing different properties (magnetic and plasmonic ) using bulk and high-throughput microfluidic approaches. These synthesis are elaborated using bottom-up molecular or self-assembly approaches in bulk or using the physico-chemical advantages of microreactors. Many of these synthesis are devoted to applications in the field of nanomedecine particularly for cancer therapy and drug delivery. We are also interested by surface mofication of these nanomaterials.

B) Investigating the nucleation and growth mechanisms of inorganic materials such as the transformation of ferrihydrite to Goethite. We also study in a biomimetic approach the effect of confinement, flow and interfaces on the growth of kidney stones.

C) Elaboration of sel-oscillating systems and study of their self-organization in a biomimetic approach. Our aim is to learn some lessons to create multifunctionnal adaptable systems.

D) Biodegradation and biotransformation of multifunctionnal materials by cells using materials science approaches. What can we learn as chemists in pre-designing multifunctionnal materials for therapy? Can cells be used as factories to recreate and redesign the nanoarchitectures to new ones with new core and surface properties? Could they be used for therapy or personnalized nanomedecine?

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